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CBD Oils And Balms Of The Highest Standard

All Our Products Are 100% Organic And Lab Tested

The CBD industry has expanded over recent years and it can be difficult to find a quality CBD oil which you can rely on.

Every CBD product we feature on our site is carefully selected to exacting standards. We also have each and every product independently laboratory checked so your can be assured of it’s quality.

The hemp for our products is natural Swiss hemp. The hemp is then taken to a Swiss laboratory where the CBD oil is carefully drawn out. The resulting CBD oil is full spectrum with a range of cannabinoids.

Laboratory Tested In Switzerland

So that we can be confident in our CBD suggestions to you we have the CBD oils and balms recommended on our website lab checked as an extra safety action.


Any CBD product that makes it onto our website has actually been through a thorough procedure. Every component is carefully selected and the end product is regularly evaluated.

Guaranteed CBD %

No product appears on this website unless laboratory tests have verified that the labeling is sincere and precise.

What Are The Health Benefits For You?

Bringing Transparency To The CBD Marketplace

Some people use CBD as a way to relax, to help relieve tension and anxiety. Whilst others recommend it to help enhance a night’s sleep, particularly for those who experience sleeping disorders.

We’ve done some of the leg work of finding premium CBD brands and products. We have handpicked a choice of the finest CBD products offered of numerous concentrations.

For those people who frequently experience crippling migraines, movement illness or queasiness then CBD might assist reduce and relieve your signs.


CBD Balms

CBD does not simply have to be taken orally. It can also be rubbed into the skin in the form of a balm to aid with discomfort and irritation.

Salves and balms, also called topicals, are easily soaked up through the skin to assist aid the relief of soreness and inflammation.

Our hemp is carefully selected and 100% natural, Our balms are instilled with CBD which is loaded with terpenes and has a fantastic, soothing aroma.

Stapenhill CBD Oil

In order to accomplish a high quality CBD oil it is essential to use excellent ingredients. That is why the CBD suppliers we recommend just use premium Swiss hemp, renowned for its quality.

All of the CBD oils we stock are individually checked before they appear on our website.


Where Are The Highest Quality CBD Products Near Me?


100% Natural & Organic

We do not enable any CBD products on our site which are not as natural as possible. The CBD products included on our site are 100% natural.

cannabis oil

Quality Guaranteed

The hemp used in the CBD items listed on this site is selectively grown to ensure a high level of CBD.


Appropriately Tested

All of the CBD oil included on our website is laboratory checked in labs in Switzerland. We test for CBD content, cannabinoids and possible pollutants to make sure both safety and quality. Only the very best products are listed on our website.

Client Support Team

Any concerns you may have about any of our products, or the shipping and returns, then please call us and a member of our support team will promptly get back to you.

Plain PackagingSecure Packaging

We use plain boxes to ship our CBD products in, which means a discreet, secure, delivery service.

International Shipments

Once we receive your order it will be processed and shipped within 24hrs from our dispatch centre. If you'd like to verify if we deliver to your country then please do visit our deliveries page.

Learn More

Is CBD oil legal in Stapenhill?

European law requires that for CBD products to be legal they have to have a THC level of less than 0.2%. For marijuana buds the THC rate needs to be less than 1%.

Explain To Me What CBD Is

What is CBD? CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound from the marijuana plant.

An Introduction To THC

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological impacts.

Do I require a license to sell CBD in the UK?
Despite the fact that it is originated from Cannabis, a plant that is illegal to grow and possess in the UK, it is nevertheless still 100% legal and can be freely offered, had and took in recreationally. The sale of CBD as a medication, nevertheless, stays extremely limiting and requires a license to do so.

How does CBD operate in the body?
All cannabinoids, including CBD, produce impacts in the body by connecting to particular receptors. … CB1 receptors exist throughout the body, however lots of are in the brain. The CB1 receptors in the brain deal with coordination and movement, discomfort, feelings, and state of mind, thinking, cravings, and memories, and other functions.

Do you have to be 18 to buy CBD?
In states where cannabis is legal, there is normally a minimum age requirement of 18 to 21 for buying, states Dr. Chen. CBD products appearing on shop racks, nevertheless, often carry no age constraint, he states. CBD entrepreneurs have browsed the legal landscape in different methods.

Does CBD make you unwinded?
What is CBD. … Unlike THC, the other important compound in hemp and cannabis plants, CBD (when originated from the hemp plant) does not produce the psychoactive impacts that make you feel “high”; rather, emerging science has actually hinted that CBD might really relieve anxiety, and therefore, makes you less likely to go crazy.

Can CBD be damaging?
CBD usage also brings some dangers. Though it’s often well-tolerated, CBD can trigger side effects, such as dry mouth, diarrhea, decreased cravings, drowsiness and fatigue. CBD can also engage with other medications you’re taking, such as blood slimmers.

Can I take CBD and melatonin?
While anecdotal proof suggests CBD could assist some insomniacs sleep if their absence of sleep is due to underlying anxiety, the compound’s outcomes are extremely individualized depending upon the reason for your sleep difficulties. In some cases, little doses of CBD could in reality stimulate alertness, a 2014 study found.

Is CBD a narcotic?
While THC stays illegal, CBD is exempt to the Swiss Narcotic Acts since this compound does not produce a comparable psychoactive result.

Can I take CBD oil on a cruise?
You might have problems on cruises or on federal lands
Both Carnival Cruise Lines and Disney Cruise Lines also restrict CBD oil on their ships. … (Hemp-derived CBD oil likely stays the one exception.) And while it might be very simple to stowaway a tincture on any mode of transportation, that does not suggest it’s allowed.

Does CBD raise heart rate?
THC can increase heart rate by 20-50 beats per minute. … CBD has advantageous impacts on cardiovascular danger elements and improves recovery in animal designs of cardiac arrest and stroke. Customers with heart issues should gravitate towards high-CBD/low-THC stress.

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